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Without constant attention, links go bad and sites deteriorate. Broken links on your site not only damage your reputation, but lower your ranking in the search engines. Did someone delete a page out from under your link last night? Did you break links from other sites into yours by renaming one of your pages? We let you know when links go wrong, and we scan ten million pages a day looking for new typos on links to your site that would cost you traffic and business. No one can match our level of link validation.


From $99* per year for a 100 page site
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LinkChecking will verify links within and from your site daily, and even check links into your site from elsewhere on the Web. You receive emails when something breaks and weekly summary reports.

  • Daily checking catches errors before customers do
  • Checks every link within your site every day
  • Checks every link to other domains every day
  • Checks links INTO your site every day with our huge map of the Web
  • Weekly status reports of problems and what you've fixed

We not only report the errors, we tell you exactly where they are and which pages are affected. You can focus on your important and creative tasks and leave the grunt work to our robots.

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$299* per year per URL

You can’t fix problems you don’t know about. We’ll help increase your traffic and protect your reputation by alerting you to problems as they happen. Our detailed outage reports give you the information you need to diagnose and repair problems before your customers notice and your prospects go elsewhere. We check a URL on your site every 10 minutes and send an email when anything goes wrong.

  • Checks that your DNS is working and available
  • Checks that your Web server is responsive and available
  • Checks that your Web server can serve your URL
  • Checks your URL for non-http errors your server can’t detect
  • Checks that your URL has the content you intended
  • Checks for unexpected edits that may indicate a hacker or virus

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