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To gain attention in today's overcrowded Internet, you need an experienced partner with proven success to beat your competition. We've optimized over a thousand sites for a top ranking and more traffic. We monitor your ranking and send you weekly indexing reports, and we can even guarantee your position with our new Top 10 service.

RankBetter - Complete analysis for $599*

Is your site costing you traffic? With so many sites and so much competition, top ranking in the major search engines can only be achieved when experienced professionals tune your site for a maximum ranking. With our RankBetter service, our trained professionals will visit and assess your site, then produce a report detailing our recommendations on meta tags, keywords and other key components of a high ranking. We’ll even provide the necessary HTML code.

The RankBetter service includes:

  • Professional analysis of your site
  • Checking your sites for search engine rule violations. Did you know that some common layout practices can get your site banned?
  • Analysis of the most common search phrases used to find sites like yours
  • Recommendations of keywords
  • Detailed report pinpointing exactly what changes you can make to increase your ranking in the major search engines

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$299* per year per URL

The first step to getting your site noticed is ensuring it's always indexed. Since Google and Yahoo! now power over 94% of Internet searches, if you're not in Google or Yahoo!, you're nowhere.

We track your indexing and report to you weekly to prove you’re indexed. We manually preview all your reports so if there's ever a problem, we fix it right away.

What you get:

  • Indexed by Google and Yahoo! Search Engines — Guaranteed.
  • Stay Indexed for one year — Guaranteed.
  • Weekly Index reports.

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$199* per year per URL

Getting and keeping a high ranking in search engines is crucial to keeping traffic flowing to your site. With RankChecking, we’ll visit the major search engines and provide a weekly email report detailing your site’s ranking.

Weekly reports detail the following information for your site:

  • Current ranking in each search engine
  • Confirmation that your site is indexed across all major engines
  • Number of pages of your site that are indexed by each engine

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$1999* plus $199* per month per URL

Almost everyone uses either Google® or Yahoo!® search engines to find sites, and if your site doesn’t turn up on the first page of results you’re losing valuable traffic. Achieving a Top 10 ranking in these engines is vital to your success on the Web. We have the specialists, techniques, tools and experience needed to push your site to the top. We’ve optimized over 1,000 sites for our clients, and guarantee the results.

We'll get your site ranked Top 10 and keep it there –- Guaranteed.

Rank10 Results:

  • Reach Top 10 Ranking in Google or Yahoo! within one month – Guaranteed
  • Keep Top 10 Ranking in Google or Yahoo! for one year – Guaranteed
  • Compliance audit ensures your site avoids sanctions
  • Spider readiness check ensures engines can read your site
  • Money Back Guarantee: Reach the Top 10 in either Google or Yahoo! within one month or we’ll refund your money.
  • Maintenance Guarantee: You pay only for results. We waive the maintenance fee each and every month we fail to keep or regain your Top 10 position.

Included at no extra charge:

  • Research to determine your optimal search phrase
  • Detailed analysis and optimization to put you in the Top 10
  • Re-optimization as necessary to keep your Top 10 position for one year
  • Weekly monitoring of your ranking and search engine compliance
  • Weekly email reports detailing your ranking
  • Unlimited support with no hidden charges.
  • Guaranteed results. Top 10 or you don’t pay!

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