Search Engine Optimization Part 2 - Page Content


  1. Look at Web Site
  2. Web Analytics
  3. Goals & Objectives
  4. Finding the Right Search Terms
  5. Make Your Baseline SEO Ranking Report
  6. Search Engine Optimization Part 1 - Titles and META Data
  7. Search Engine Optimization Part 2 - Page Content

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Course No. 7 - Search Engine Optimization Part 2 - Page Content

If you don't want SEO optimization services from an experienced SEO expert, we suggest you follow these guidelines on every page:

When we offer optimization, our teams tailor them to each client, strategic phrase, page and search engine.

Course 6

Consider this your prime real estate.

<title>your title goes here</title>

It's a better SEO optimization technique to include 1-3 search terms in this space than to occupy it with your company name. Your visible text should be more than adequate to help your business name get recognized by the search engines. If you clog the title tag with your company name, it may reduce the overall "weight" of the search terms in the title tag space.

You can include your business name - maybe at the end. Fathom SEO, offering full SEO optimization, has seen several cases where it hasn't hurt the rankings. Why not try out the search terms you know people will be using?

Because "proximity" can affect results, place your most important search term followed by others.

<title>first phrase, second phrase, third phrase</title>

If you don't want to wait for a monthly ranking report, study Google, for example, and determine how frequently it indexes your web site. Just view the cache with the results that appear. Our SEO expert consultants also uses Google Rankings when conducting spot checks through our SEO optimization services.

Over time, you may end up switching the order of the phrases in the title or dropping one or two. These SEO optimization solutions depend on other factors, such as your page ranking and where you've placed the search terms in your visible text.

META Description:

<meta NAME="description" CONTENT="repeat a title tag search term here - your company name followed by an attribute like leading maker of or founded in 1945 or award-winning. Close description with a series of search terms (remainder from the title tag and others) that describe your business and the page content.">

META Keywords:

<meta NAME="keywords" CONTENT="insert about 5-7 search phrases here, separated by commas">

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