Make Your Baseline SEO Ranking Report


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  2. Web Analytics
  3. Goals & Objectives
  4. Finding the Right Search Terms
  5. Make Your Baseline SEO Ranking Report
  6. Search Engine Optimization Part 1 - Titles and META Data
  7. Search Engine Optimization Part 2 - Page Content

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Course No. 5 - Make Your Baseline SEO Ranking Report

By now, you should be on good terms with your web site logs, know your goals inside and out and have a full roster of keywords ready to work for you. Before you do anything else, make sure you have software to run SEO ranking reports. WebPosition is one of the leading brands – and it’s accurate. Our SEO ranking company always establishes where your site currently ranks so that we can target our work to improve these rankings.

When you get the software, make sure you get frequent updates so you stay current with the search engines as part of your services. It’s best to use it for rankings and analysis; don’t get in the habit of submitting web sites to the search engines with the software. Yes, it can replicate the user experience of submitted-by-hand, but there are always questions about whether that’s successful. Our SEO ranking company recommends going to each search engine on your own.

When you do go, only submit one page per day unless the engine allows for more than one submission. When you use SEO ranking software, make sure you check your positions in the Top 100 so you can measure your progress (don’t start off with the Top 30 settings). Save space on your server by selecting any option that allows you to automatically delete results data once you produce the report - it’s a server hog you really don’t want to feed.


Make sure you don’t select an option that allows you to display only your top result. In other words, sometimes a search term appears in the Top 100 (or whatever you select) for more than one page, such as the home page and a product page. You can adjust the settings so it only shows the page that ranks the highest.

Chances are, you don’t want to do that because you’ll appreciate the perspective of knowing that a search term appeared in a top position on more than one page. If “molded plastic” ranks #4 on your home page and #17 on your main products page, you can see that the products page can be used for some other search term.

It would be tough to make that determination if you didn’t have the perspective of seeing multiple pages impacted by one search term. Fathom SEO, a search engine ranking firm, can get you the results you need. Contact one of our SEO ranking consultants today for a free keyword ranking report of your web site.

Course 6 - Search Engine Optimization Part 1 - Titles and META Data

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