Finding the Right Search Terms


  1. Look at Web Site
  2. Web Analytics
  3. Goals & Objectives
  4. Finding the Right Search Terms
  5. Make Your Baseline SEO Ranking Report
  6. Search Engine Optimization Part 1 - Titles and META Data
  7. Search Engine Optimization Part 2 - Page Content

Facts & Trends

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Course No. 4 - Finding the Right Search Terms

Whether you hire one of the many search engine placement companies or go it alone, you need to start at the beginning.

Setting your goals is critical. Goals can include everything from improved visibility among the major search engines (establish a projected percentage increase) to improve search engine placement to increased conversions, including requests for more information and catalogs, direct sales, online newsletter registrations and more.

In reality, it may simply be that an executive wants a certain phrase to appear in the Top 10 on Google. That's fine. A narrow view like that will create unrealistic expectations when working with a search engine placement firm. Would you really spend $12,000 a year and devote all of your time and energy to a single phrase for your search engine placement efforts? That's a huge risk you don't need to take. You can do better.

Ready for your homework?

  1. Create a set of clearly defined goals for your search engine placement project.
  2. Define them with timelines. How fast do you want to achieve them? What is realistic?
  3. How will you measure them? What tools do you have in place to measure rankings, traffic and sales? Can you correlate a sale to a search engine visitor?

Course 5 - Right Search Terms

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