Take an Honest Look at your Web Site


  1. Look at Web Site
  2. Web Analytics
  3. Goals & Objectives
  4. Finding the Right Search Terms
  5. Baseline Report
  6. Search Engine Optimization Part 1 - Titles and META Data
  7. Search Engine Optimization Part 2 - Page Content

Facts & Trends

Search Engine Optimization Statistics and Trends. Take the course.

Course No. 1 - Look at Web Site - Analyze

An SEO company looks at your web site before doing any kind of search engine optimization services. You must make this your first step too.

What do you see? Is it graphic intensive? Are there plenty of opportunities to add or modify text? Is the programming simple, or does the site suffer from table overload? In other words, are there too many nested tables in the page structure? Part of our search engine optimization services include solving these preliminary site problems.

Are you doing anything with your page titles, META data, page content, etc. - anything that would suggest a META strategy that a search engine optimization services firm or your staff can build upon?

Is it a database web site?
If so, grab some text (maybe 5 words unique to what you sell) from an interior page and do a Google search - surrounding the text with quote marks. Is that page even showing up? Our company achieves top rankings for our clients as part of the search engine optimization services we offer.

Hopefully you'll find that it's not stuck in frames (content moves while navigation and logo stay in place). They're hard for search engines to get through.

Finally, note whether your web site is doomed by one of those animated Flash or splash pages tortured by the infamous Skip Intro button.

Flash, animation, Skip Intro buttons, frames - these get in the way of your search engine optimization services.

Course 2 - Web Analytics

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